New to The Hangar

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New to The Hangar

Posted by Richard Loewen on Feb 12, 2018 12:04 pm

Greetings from the DFW Metroplex.  I've been an AOPA member since 2010 when my wife and I purchased our first aircraft, a 1996 American Champion 7GCBC.  That was a great aircraft and it was a pleasure to be her caretaker for a few years.  In 2016 we decided that longer trips carrying more stuff was in order and we parted ways with the Explorer when we found a Skywagon in need of a new home.

This winter the 'wagon is getting a bit of a facelift as we replace the 1980's vintage butterscotch brown plaid with a more modern leather interior.  Because it is cold and my airplane is in pieces in someone else's hangar I have been spending my time learning about the AOPA Hangar and longing for my reunion with airplane.

I've been practicing ATC for almost 30 years, flying since my teenages, and grew up the son of a retired Air Force pilot/ airline executive.  There aren't many days in a year when I am not doing something related to aviation.

Looking forward to meeting all of you...
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Re: New to The Hangar

Posted by Richard Loewen on Feb 22, 2018 11:38 am

Thank John!  I don't know if I'll make an AOPA fly-in this year although I would love to.  I was at HYI (did a panel with Bruce Landsberg), COS, and OUN.  Since my days off this year are Monday and Tuesday, weekend (for normal people) events are going to be tough.  Cheers!