My Spouse Believes Old People Should not Fly

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My Spouse Believes Old People Should not Fly

Posted by Michael Walpole on Jun 1, 2018 11:12 am

No - seriously.

She read an article of how a 63 year old died while piloting an aircraft and the only reason they knew that happened is another pilot was in the plane and landed it.  So, now she is of the belief people my age, 65 should not fly.  Especially since commercial airline pilots can't fly for the airlines any more past 65.  Of course, we all know she is wrong. However. I guess that is what happens when you make assumptions based on beliefs and tidbits of information here and there.  I told here there are pilot flying that are over 80 years old.  Of course the first person she thought of was her 80+ year old mother and she freaked out about that.  Of course not all people age the same, some people stay healthier and sharper longer than others.  At this point I'm thinking it's a good thing she doesn't write the FARs or work for the FAA.  LOL

My guess is it will take time to turn her thinking around.  I know she doesn't understand this is not like driving a car where you just walk in, take an eye test and renew for another 4 years and taking a person's license away is pretty hard.  Between the Medical Certificate and the Flight Reviews the people who are unable to act as pilot in command are weeded out.  Can someone be missed, sure.  It's just unlikely.

In my case I am 65, overweight, type 2 diabetic on metformin, a statin and mild BP medicine.  I have  Special Issuance, which is a PIA, but my numbers are still good and I am working on the overweight thing.  That is part of why she is worried.  I guess it's good she cares.  In the meantime, I am working on an Instrument Rating and am about to take the written soon.  I am pretty sure she has no clue about what it all takes to earn the rating or even what is involved in a Flight Review.  Can you imagine how much different the roads would be is every 2 years you had to demonstrate you know the rules of the road and that you know how to control and recover from a skid, make an emergency lane change, come to a rapid, controlled stop.  Add to that getting a Dr to sign off you are physically fit to drive.

I don't plan on stopping until I can't get a medical or can't pass a flight review.  I expect that will be a while down the road.  (I didn't tell her about Basic Med.  That would really freak her out.)  Just hoping eventually I can turn her thinking around.  I guess I can try to educate her anytime she appears open to it.  In the meantime ...

Mike W
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Re: My Spouse Believes Old People Should not Fly

Posted by Michael Walpole on Aug 23, 2018 9:03 am

Well, the latest is she said she "might" go flying with me.  We shall see.

I suggested a flight down to Williamsburg for the day.  Flying beats getting stuck on I95 for 3+ hours.
Mike W