What is your airplane of choice to own, and why?

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What is your airplane of choice to own, and why?

Posted by Paul Lilly on Jun 4, 2017 2:09 pm

We all have our favorites! But why do we choose them? Is it the utility that matches your mission; is it the ramp appeal; was it the model your father owned; or does it just happen to be the one that is available at your local airport? Our paths to our passion likely help influence our choice.

I would like to know! Let's share how we got to where we are today.

I'll start!

I have a V Tail Bonanza as my choice to own. It has the capability of getting me quickly to places my wife and I like to go to, and with the tip tanks, non stop. Of course all Bonanzas do that, but I picked the V Tail model because of it's unique look. I had always been partial be Beech because I trained at a Beech Aero Center in Sundowners and Sierras. The center always had Bonanzas available although I did not fly them during training, I loved to look at them and see them fly. Shortly after my training the Beech Aero Centers closed, but many of the schools kept the planes on leaseback and continued to operate, and I rented them until I could afford my own. My favorite plane to own today, has a lot to do "brand-wise" with where I started a long time ago. Then within that brand finding the model that fit my mission and style.

So what is your favorite airplane to own and why?  Your turn to share!


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Re: What is your airplane of choice to own, and why?

Posted by Walter Brown on Dec 25, 2017 2:08 pm

Two of the aircraft that I have owned remain my airrcraft of choice. First the Grumman AA-5B Tiger. I flew it out of O57, a 6500 elevation field in the Sierra Nevada mountains. In 1500+ hours it did all the book said it would do, and more, and never let me down. Operating and maintenance costs were low. Crosswind landings >24 k were no problem. When I sold it after 1500 hours (because life circumstances changed) it felt like I had cut off my arm. 15 years later work demanded 2 hours of flying commute or 6 hours of auto commute per day. The solution is a Mooney M20J. Another fast, fuel efficient plane. I've owned the Mooney since 2000 and have put over 1800 hours on it. For my 6'1" 215 body a comfotable and good looking aircraft. I've played with a Beech A36 - too expensive to justify, Cessna 206 - a pig to fly, a Cessna 182 - slooooow and couldn't come remotely close to book performance

Re: What is your airplane of choice to own, and why?

Posted by Scott Spitler on Jan 1, 2018 8:46 am

We love "The Silver Fox." Which is our 1946 Cessna 140. She isn't the fastest, nor is she a load-carrying mule, but on a beautiful, spring morning, when the dew is still laying on the grass runway next to the mirrored Tennessee River, you can hear her thank you for the opportunity to show you beauty, elegance and a bit of romance as you slip the surley bonds into a world where few delight. 613539820daab50d0591d2207e3c93b9-huge-p1

Re: What is your airplane of choice to own, and why?

Posted by Donald Winslow on Jan 2, 2018 12:34 pm

"Silver Fox"
Great! Who would not want tor fly this airplane?

Re: What is your airplane of choice to own, and why?

Posted by Richard Mutzman on Jan 8, 2018 11:29 am

Great name and looking airplane!

I have always had a soft spot for the C140. When I was 15, I read the book, “Weekend Pilot” written by Frank Kingston Smith. The book was about him learning to fly in the 50’s in a Cessna 140.  After reading the book, I was bitten!

Re: What is your airplane of choice to own, and why?

Posted by Peter MacDonald on Jan 13, 2018 5:45 pm

I'm new to aviation so this question really hit home as I am searching like crazy for that "right plane." Every consideration keeps moving the budget upward! Through a close friend and avid aviator, the piper dakota he recommended fit the mission but why the heck did production stop? Considering useful load, cruise, efficiency, insurance and maintenance it appears to be a great all around choice for the money. The Archer and Sundowner just don't have the impact that I'm looking for and the BO A36, Saratoga and Lance are outside of the budget along with exceeding the potential maintenance and isurance requirement. In addition, each option includes either great interior and exterior or avionics but no life on engine or great life on engine but lack of interior, exterior or avionics. If you find all three it makes sense to go new! While a 20 year newer Columbia 300 fits the new style, reasonable useful load, avionics, leather etc but again pushes the price tag up beyond the middle class buyer. Why? 

Re: What is your airplane of choice to own, and why?

Posted by Adam Eisel on Jan 13, 2018 10:07 pm

When I was first lookin into getting a plane of our own, We wanted one that had character,class and something that was practical for our lifestyle. I’ve always had a liking for classics whether it be cars,trucks or motorcycles. We ended up settling for a taylorcraft f19 and we’re happy we did. It’s fairly quick at about 115mph, it can get into some really tight spots, it has plenty of character and definitely counts as a classic. Being a taildragger it has sharpened my skills as a pilot and allows me to visit places that I would be comfortable with in a tricycle gear aircraft. If I was going to get a second plane it would be a taildragger of some sort, maybe a 195 or a Stinson gullwing 


Re: What is your airplane of choice to own, and why?

Posted by Daniel Jenkins on Jan 15, 2018 7:32 am

I first soloed in 1964 in an Air Force Flight Indoctrination Program while in Air Force ROTC at my University. We used PA-22's (Piper Colt's) during the training program, but once I had my license, one of my instructors introduces me to a Piper Cub. That did it. Not the Cub per se, but the tail wheel part. That became my favorite. I now own a 1952 Cessna 170B and after over 53 years of flying (USAF and Delta Air Lines), I still love tail wheels. So, my choice is a Cessna 170B. 

Re: What is your airplane of choice to own, and why?

Posted by Richard Davies on Jan 25, 2018 5:24 pm

I admit since childhood I have been partial to the X-15.  I looked so cool.  I can't report on flying it, but I'm sure it was a total hoot.  Although there is no comparison, my C152 is a fine machine.  Cruising at 110 kias, I get where I'm going fast enough, especially since I don't have to drive around the bodies of water here in Washington State.  And although the 152 doesn't fly as high or as fast as the X-15, the biggest advantage is that I don't have to find a B-52 for a lift every time I fly.

Re: What is your airplane of choice to own, and why?

Posted by John Spitzer on Jan 29, 2018 12:08 pm

I have owned a 1975 Cessna Skylane since 1978 and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  What is so great about the Skylane is the range and load carrying capability of the aircraft, making it a very suitable IFR cross country airplane.  It will not win any speed records but provides us with a solid 128 Kts while burning under eleven gallons per hour.  We choose to lean aggressively at lower power settings.  With the Continental engine the plane qualifies for a MoGas STC and operating costs are very reasonable since annuals typically run under $700.  This P-model Skylane benefits from the improvements made in 1973 in wing leading edge design making stall characteristics very docile.  You must pay attention in landing so as to not prang the nose gear ( elevator forces are stiff due to the balance downspring required and require attention to trimming for a nice full stall landing ). Once you understand it, it becomes second nature.  A great airplane at reasonable cost.