Hurry up and wait - What to do during downtime

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Hurry up and wait - What to do during downtime

Posted by James Wilson on Jan 8, 2018 8:53 am

My little Piper Warrior is going under the proverbial knife!  Recently, while in flight I noticed that my engine had been running a little rough and that there was a general sense that it was running a little too rich.  After having my local mechanic poke around, it was determined the best thing to do was to have the carburetor sent off and replaced with an overhauled one.  So, this means that I have not been able to use the plane for about two weeks :( 


To a lot of people this doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, to be without your aircraft for a couple weeks, however for myself and others the thought of not being able to fly for an extended amount of time is terrifying. 


So, what do you do!?!

Check out my ideas in my blog below and after you are done, maybe you can share a few of your own :)
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