Theft of Mechanic's Trailer and Tools

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Theft of Mechanic's Trailer and Tools

Posted by Jon George on Jan 8, 2019 4:52 pm

Hello AOPA,

I’m a longtime member based in Oxnard, CA.   I was recently made aware of some very bad news regarding our long time local mechanic and friend, Cass Bennett.  Cass has worked on many of our aircraft, for many years, as an FAA and county licensed mechanic at both OXR and CMA.  He provided his services by driving his truck and work trailer, full of his tools and equipment, to each individual’s hangar, greatly facilitating the maintenance  of our aircraft.  

Unfortunately, his trailer, with all of the tools and equipment, was recently stolen from in front of his house, over the holidays, leaving him without the means to support himself and his family, and requiring to replace these items worth tens of thousands of dollars.  And, needless to say, making it very difficult to work on our airplanes.  He is one of two mechanics on the airport, and so this has a big effect on his ability to provide for his family and continuing the maintenance of our aircraft.

I have started  a Gofundme page for interested people to try and help offset his loss.  Any donations will go directly to helping Cass restore his business, a business that has taken care of many aircraft owners in Ventura County.  Please consider donating if you can, and passing this email along to anyone else who might be concerned about Cass.

You can find the go fund me page by going to and searching for Cass Bennett. 

Jon George
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Re: Theft of Mechanic's Trailer and Tools

Posted by Brennan Callan on Jan 8, 2019 10:00 pm

Hi Jon, et al.,
I think it is great that you are sharing this story with the large audience for those who are able to help him out.  I want to have you share with the mechanic that right now, SEARS.COM is still selling tools at huge discounts because of their bankruptcy process.  One of their board members is trying to save Sears and I don't know if the court has ruled on it yet.  Either way, they have major discounts on the tools and if you can help raise the funds on the site, he should buy new Craftsman tools online.

We just lost our Sears here in Louisville and it was a sad sight to see as I am a "car guy" that always felt it was best to start with buying their tools before lesser quality tools.  Sears sold their Craftsman brand and I believe that ACE Hardware bought it; but the good news is that Lowe's Store and other places now sell the tools.  I sincerely hope that Sears and those jobs can be saved.  If so, the historic company must modernize if they are to live beyond 2019.

Please remember that for all of you, Sears and other stores sell engraving tools.  If you have a collection, you can put your name onto each and every tool.  If a thief attempts to sell your tolls to various pawn shops or online, when your name is seen on hundreds of sockets and wrenches, you make it far easier for the police to get your tools returned.  Engravers cost about $15, but it helps to protect your entire collection.  If you want, you can put "STOLEN FROM . . . your name).  That makes it really clear ahead of time those stolen tools don't belong to the thief.  When you use an engraver, I would encourage you to have noise protection as they can be rather loud.

In the 1980s, we used to write our Social Security numbers on tools, but now it would be worse to have that number stolen than your tools, so just use your name instead.

Best wishes!