GPS Interference Testing -

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GPS Interference Testing -

Posted by Edward Poole on Feb 6, 2019 2:14 pm

Is it just me or is this GPS Interference Testing ramping up in the new year?  I fly near Fort Polk in Central Louisiana and recently there have been a plethora of flight advisories/NOTAMS popping up.  In January 5 days were scheduled with radii spanning 146 NM at 10,000'.  This month I'm looking at 13 days with overlapping altitudes and two different flight advisories to try to sort through.  Now, I understand the hours are generally off peak (night) and the testing might not impact the entire area or every aircraft, but this is getting ridiculous.  I have only had one instance where GPS was sketchy before this, but the training schedule was much less intense.  13 days is almost 1/2 the month where at some point and time they will be actively trying to disrupt the signal to some extent or another.  I guess I can't complain that much, I remember the days of selective availability where the signal was useless without post processing, but with the phasing in of ADS-B, RNAV (GPS) approaches, and the phasing out of VOR's (in our area the AEX VOR is sketchy at low altitude and Sawmill VOR is not useful on some headings either) they really don't make it easy to navigate, especially with limited visual ground contact as a reference.  I guess I should get off my soapbox and realize that GPS is a luxury, but I just can't understand what the reasoning is.  If it was just for Fort Polk and in their restricted airspace that would  be one thing, but based on these maps your talking about almost 1/2 the state or more depending on altitude, that's nuts.....
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Re: GPS Interference Testing -

Posted by Lionel Llanes on Feb 11, 2019 10:43 am

Here in Florida, they park a ship just off of Jacksonville or Kings Bay GA and effectively block all of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina in one shot.

This past weekend was shown on the testing schedule and I had a moments where the GPS went crazy during an approach. 
Disconcerting when you have a glass panel and it goes stupid and starts yelling erroneous information suddenly. I am really glad that I was not relying on the GPS to land the plane for me.