Sadistic approach

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Sadistic approach

Posted by Ian Twombly on May 4, 2017 4:09 pm

Under the category of "What were they thinking?" in the approach department. It's a great one to torture yourself on during an IPC in a sim.

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Re: Sadistic approach

Posted by Ronald Levy on Jun 12, 2017 9:23 am

I'm convinced this approach is the result of a bar bet.  I suspect that one Friday night after work, some of the FAA approach designers were relaxing over an adult beverage or two and one of said to another "I'll bet I can/you can't design and approach that's all DME arcs" and this approach was the result.  The next week there was a "double or nothing" challenge, and the VOR/DME or TACAN RWY 10 at KWAL was the result.  As far as I can tell, those two are the only such approaches in the USA, which suggests the loser of the bet decided not to pursue it further.

​I've flown the MTN approach for training/fun, but it's hard to get clearance for it because it interferes with the BWI RWY 15 approaches/33 departures, so you have to find a dead spot in BWI's ops to do it. Further, you must have a real DME, not just an IFR GPS, to fly this one under IFR since you're using DME for lateral guidance on the final segment (see Note 4 to AIM 1-2-3c).  Also, it cuts through the Class B airspace, so you'll need either an IFR or Class B clearence, but at least it stays out of the SFRA.