Harrison Ford gets Bob Hoover award?

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Harrison Ford gets Bob Hoover award?

Posted by Marty Bevill on Mar 24, 2018 6:15 pm

 The guy lands on the taxiway over the top of a commercial airliner, doesn’t get in any trouble at all and gets an award for airmanship ?

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Re: Harrison Ford gets Bob Hoover award?

Posted by Daniel Jenkins on Apr 2, 2018 8:59 am

The way I see is that all you guys are just jealous. I'm sure nobody here has ever f__ked up, right? If you say you haven't, you ain't telling the truth. 

Re: Harrison Ford gets Bob Hoover award?

Posted by Daryl Love on Apr 9, 2018 9:34 am

Harrison is a good man, on that over flying of an airliner and landing on a taxi way, this crap happens almost every day, but if your rich and shamless and with a lager than life name, all will know about your screw up's and Bob Hoover  had a few of his own. Boy I glad I;m a nobody. 

Re: Harrison Ford gets Bob Hoover award?

Posted by Gerald Skoog on Apr 16, 2018 11:37 am

Ronald Levy:

Donald Rieser:
Most of us, no matter what our flying ability, have little infuence on politicians or the general public with regard to aviation issues. Harrison Ford has been willing to use his notoriety and popularity to raise awareness of the ATC privatization issue. He has supported Young Eagles and the EAA, and generally been a positive influence for general aviation. None of you have ever made a mistake flying? Bob Hoover was a lot more forgiving than this crowd. 

One mistake is one thing, but Ford has a long history of bent metal.  Of course, that's just an issue of skill, not bad judgment, like landing on a runway full of construction workers and equipment and then blaming others for that deliberate choice.  In that regard, I give Ford high marks for a positive attitude (especially his willingness to admit his mistakes and try to do better) if not for piloting skill.  Since skill is only one quarter of the award criteria ("airmanship, leadership, mentorship, and a pasion for aviation"), and he's certainly been a very positive force for avaition, I'm OK with that.  Frankly, I was most impressed by his positive attitude towards his one big mental error ("I'm the schmuck..."), and I wish more pilots had that willingness to admit error without having to be pushed into accepting responsibility.


Well said Mr. Levy.  However, logic and reasoned thought is of little value to trolls.

Re: Harrison Ford gets Bob Hoover award?

Posted by Richard Gallaher on Apr 16, 2018 11:41 am

Just to make sure you understand the 'Award', It was the Bob Hoover Freedom of Flight Award. It was originally called 'Living Ledgends of Aviation Freedom of Flight Award'.

​This award is not for 'Airmanship'. Hoover crashed several times himself.

​Harrison Ford was presented the award for his work covering 'Freedom of Flight'... oddly this can be awarded to a person that is not even a pilot.


Re: Harrison Ford gets Bob Hoover award?

Posted by Gerald Skoog on Apr 16, 2018 11:56 am

Mr.Bevill, Mr.Perkins, Mr. Stamp, Mr. Labuda, Mr. Richter and Mr. Whelan,

It would be helpful if you gentlemen would list your hours flying in SoCo airspace so we can weight your opinions regarding Mr. Ford's airmanship abilities. I have zero hours in that airspace myself.  Thank you.