No longer Rusty? Share your story here!

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No longer Rusty? Share your story here!

Posted by Meghan Custer on Apr 26, 2017 10:44 am

We absolutely love reading stories from pilots who recently completed their flight review after a long hiatus from flying. Just last week we heard from a pilot who attended a Rusty Pilots seminar in December 2016 - he was proud to report that he received his Flight Review endorsement on April 22, 2017 - after more than 10 years away from the cockpit! Are there any other pilots out there who have recently completed their flight review after a long break?
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Re: No longer Rusty? Share your story here!

Posted by Michael Walpole on Oct 23, 2018 9:51 am

I got my license in August 1982 in a 7ECA.  I actually soloed on my 29th birthday.  Over the next 4 years I flew about 160 hours in 7ECAs, 8KCAB, 150/152s, 172s, 182s, 172RG,  and PA18.  I believe the last time I flew was in 1986.  Hard to say for sure as my log book was in a briefcase that was stolen out of my car in the 90s.

Fast forward to 2016 and now with grown kids and some extra money, it was time to see if I could get back in the saddle.  The first hurdle was the medical and I got through that with AOPA's pilot protection services.  The next was getting current again in the air and getting a flight review.  That took about 10 hours or so.  At that time I found a flying club with a Warrior, which cut the cost of renting in half.  Later on I joined another flying club with a 182.

In the last 2 years I have flown ~200 hours.  I completed the Virginia Aviation Ambassadors Program flying to approximately 50 of the 66 airports.  I flew the 182 to Oshkosh this summer and next year I plan to fly the Warrior with the Cherokees 2 Oshkosh mass arrival.  I'm currently working on an instrument rating which I should finish this spring.

Not sure what the future holds, but the plan is to get commercial and CFI.  We'll see.
Mike W

Re: No longer Rusty? Share your story here!

Posted by Glenn Westfall on Nov 5, 2018 12:06 pm

Due to moving from NM to CA in 2011 and then ensuing medical conditions, I had been away from flying for a little over 11 years.  Something sparked my interest in flying again recently and I decided to look into what I need to do.  After hearing about Basic Med and the Rusty Pilot program, I decided to rejoin AOPA.  I completed my Basic Med and went to the local airport to set up a flight review with an instructor.  During the flight review, I couldn't believe how quickly everything came back to me.  I was able to complete the maneuvers he asked me to do with just a little coaching from the instructor.  The traffic pattern and landings went almost perfectly.  I am happy to say I am back in the cockpit and flying regularly again!  Now I need to practice some IFR techniques and have an IPC to get my IFR currency and proficiency back.....