Me & A Yellow Cessna - A Trip Home

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Me & A Yellow Cessna - A Trip Home

Posted by John Munn on Sep 26, 2017 1:30 pm

It wasn't until two years after college in 2015 when I became a private pilot. I had experienced some aviation in my home state of New York as a kid, but not like I do now as a pilot with many good friends in the industry. This past weekend I made a trip back home to Upstate New York to see my family. It was my second time flying into Griffiss Int'l (RME) as a pilot, but it was a special occassion as my family was there waiting for me to land, welcoming me at the FBO. 

I was fortunate to fly a very inexpensive yellow C152. I flew from FDK to CZG near Binghamton for fuel, then made the short hop to RME. After I lifted off on sunny Saturday afternoon, I thought of how awesome it was to be using my license to go visit family states away from me. Even though my ground speed was about 75 knots due to headwinds, I really enjoyed flying that yellow 152. It's a simple, fun airplane to fly and it reminded me of the reliable used car that I used to drive in high school. An airline pilot passing behind me while on approach even radioed, "What a nice yellow Cessna!" 

After making the trip back, I realize there is a new sense of pride in my home state. I got to see the beautiful New York landscape like I've never seen it before, pointing out familiar landmarks and even flying over my parent's house. And of course it all makes great dinner conversation with the family! 

Aviation has given me a new sense of freedom and pride. Every bit of hard work and dollar spent on flight training has been more worth it than I ever could have imagined. Fly often and fly safe, everyone! 
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