Drone flying on airports

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Drone flying on airports

Posted by Harold Downes on Jul 24, 2017 10:45 pm

Recently, a recreational drone flyer told the airport mangagement that he was going to fly his drone at our airport (non-towered).  He assumed that was contact enough and he flew his device at night over our runway and taxiway.    Since then he has flown again after legal nightfall and says he will continue because he can and there are no rules to stop him.
This person is flaunting his drone in our face and we dread they day he hits one of our aircraft.   
My question is this:  is there anything we can do to prohibit this persons flying "on our airport".    The rules only seem to address withing the vicinity of an airport.
We don't allow RC aircraft on the airport, why can't we prohibit drones?
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Re: Drone flying on airports

Posted by Lauren Mcgavran on Aug 21, 2017 10:31 am

Ronald Levy:

Unless that guy has such an exemption in writing from the FAA, that exception does not apply.


I disagree with you here. This exemption says that applicable drones are model aircraft and gives them the same operating leeway. If your statement is correct, all model aiorplanes would need written exemptions. I don't think that they do.