Fuel at a private airport

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Posted by G Hertz on Jul 15, 2019 11:19 am

You face a problem similar to mine in a private fly-in community.  Because you mention J-3, I'm presuming you don't really need much; therein is the problem.

Owning, maintaining and supplying your own tank is pretty expensive.  In addition to the purchase and set up, there's the cost of keeping the pump running, the filters changed and the water out.  When you add in the cost of evaporation (shrinkage), the cost is really high on a per gallon basis.  Don't forget to check with your insurance company; some seem to be allergic to stored avgas. When you're talking J-3 fuel usage, the per gallon costs are really high!

We are lucky; there's a fuel supplier not too far away who brings the fuel out to our storage tanks, but if the fuel supplier is very far, you may be facing a hefty delivery charge.  Unless you're buying 8000 gallons at a time, don't expect prices less than the FBOs.

An alternative might be a fuel trailer, or one of those tanks that fit in the bed of a pickup truck.  However, your insurance company might be very unhappy with the liability of such.

If you consider all the costs and hassles associated with your own tank, you will be money ahead to just fly to a nearby airport (if such exists). 

Re: Fuel at a private airport

Posted by Gary Moore on Jul 15, 2019 5:12 pm

Thanks Max - that's a great way to look at the issue - I appreciate it....