Best iPad Flight Planning/Tracking Software?

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Posted by Bruce Wachter on Nov 28, 2018 11:10 am

Well first off I am surprised no one has used FlyQ I used Foreflight for several years but this was over 3 years ago. I went with FlyQ one year they offered a lifetime subscription for some where around $400 with IFR. I think this fits my mission, in the last 3 years the only problem I have had is with the i-pad which is a first series with only 32 gig it overheated one time, and now glitches as the soft ware will not allow any more updates and very low on storage part of planed obsolesce. I am a 700 hr pilot with the IFR but rarely use it. I fly for pleasure only and if weather is bad just don't go. In my opinion for USA flying it works great and you can't beet the price geo reference IFR plates. So I think it will depend on the mission and the equipment in the plane. I fly a PA 28-161 that is IFR certified but have old KLN-90 GPS that still works would like to upgrade but for the money it's hard to fork out 12 to 14 K because I would like it.  If you guys want to start me a go fund me page I would except. But this is just for pleasure and I get a lot of it! My input. 

Re: Best iPad Flight Planning/Tracking Software?

Posted by Robert Cook on Jan 3, 2019 8:12 pm

I fly for pleasure and use Fly Q on my I Pad, I am quite happy with it and side by side with my friend using Foreflight I really don't see a big difference.
One other point, everyone is talking about the declining pilot population and the lack of young pilots. I blame the FAA and The Manufactures who are just plain greedy and know you have to anti- up because the FAA demands it. Why can you buy a portable GPS for your car or boat and pay $150.00 ,but get a portable GPS with a aviation data base and it's WAY more money. You can get fully informative information center in you car with a rear view camera for a couple of grand, installed. Get an installed unit for your aircraft and you have to sell your soul to pay for it and jump through more hoops then a basket ball. Think, a new full size SUV  that will carry 8 full size people will cost about $50.000 and Mooney is proud to sell you a 4 seater for $800.000 that Eight Hundred Thousand.
HEY AOPA grow a set, and tell congress to fix the FAA to bring the FAA into the modern day and get rid of all those Stupid archaic regulations that hinder modern updates to older planes and use a little common sense. And tell the manufactures they are on the front line of the destruction of GA in America.
My Dad and Uncle flew,my Brother and I fly and none of our children or relatives offspring have any desire to spend that much money to learn to fly. They know a boat or motor home is a much wiser investment,can take a lot more family and friends along and they don't have near the red tape.  Just sayin.

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Posted by Brennan Callan on Jan 3, 2019 10:40 pm

Hi Robert, et al.,
I absolutely agree about the outdated FAA regulations and that they are making it far more cumbersome for general and all forms of aviation to thrive and survive.  It was great that in 2004, they came up with the LIGHTS SPORT PILOT CERTIFICATE and rules; however, in just a few years after many Light Sport Instructors purchased two-seater experimental aircraft, they were learning they had just made a terrible investment because the rules got changed again and then these instructors learned they could not use experimental LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) for instructional purposes unless the student owned that plane.

This new set of problems meant that some of the instructors sold temporary ownership to the students during the time of their instruction so that they could perform the instruction.  This created to many problems/headaches for those instructors.  I was NOT one of the instructors, but I am a strong supporter of Light Sport Aviation as the "starter drug" for aviation because most people cannot afford $10k or more for some flight school to milk their students to death without ever ethically teaching the students about the 1. Light Sport Certificate; or 2. Recreational Pilot Certificate.

I already wrote about the fraud and corruption I have personally experienced with some fly-by-night flight schools in KY, IND, and OH.

ROBERT'S GPS DISCUSSION: The GPS files for cars do not include antennas, towers, guywires, building heights, and other 3-D information.  That requires more memory and more complex GPS system than the cars.  Yes, I agree with you that the units should be far cheaper!

EQUIPMENT AND FRAUD: In the 1960-1980s, anyone could purchase a set of headphones from Radio Shack for about $15-30.  No, they did not include all of the aviation cables or noise cancelling, but even noise cancelling has been in Cadillacs since the late 1980s.  It is not a new technology.  The tiny new headsets, what I call the "Britney Spires Headsets" should likely cost about $5-10 to make, yet they are going for over $1,000.  What an incredible rip-off.  I have thought about starting my own aviation equipment company just to undersell all of the crooked companies who have been screwing over the pilots who buy outrageously priced items.

Perhaps all of General Aviation should take one day per year and NOT FLY in protest because we are tired of the high prices of all things aviation from fuel, to planes, equipment, and so on.  We should make that the same day that the Wright Brothers made their historic first flight.  Robert, you are RIGHT that AOPA can and must do more.  We must insist that they do more to convince Congress to update/purge a great number of the obstacles to student pilots earning ratings, and for existing pilots who cannot afford to earn higher ratings.  Perhaps, this should become a new AOPA HANGER FORUM!  How to make aviation more affordable.

Best wishes,
Aeronautical Scientist 

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Posted by Howard Riley on Jan 7, 2019 10:56 am

I am surprised not to see WingX Pro7 in any of these discussions! We have been using it happily for three years on an iPad fed by  Clearity AHRS. Works great including traffic. I believe VFR version is still free, IFR $30/year!

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Posted by Stephen Goetsch on Jan 7, 2019 11:05 am

Ronald Levy:


Stephen Goetsch:
Thank you fall for your comments so far, I am interested in other's experience.  I had an online chat with an acquaintance who really likes Garmin Pilot.  One thing I specifically called out was for a profile view, as I am unaware about how to get that on ForeFlight. 

Foreflight has a Profile view.  In the MAP view, tap FPL and it's an option after Edit and Nav Log.



Seems that you need an upgraded version to get this?  I have a basic (VFR) subscription. 

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Posted by Edward Adams on Jan 7, 2019 11:28 am

My research and the lifetime subscription deal led me to FlyQ, with IFR, running on an Ipad mini that is dedicated to just flight use. (not used for collecting books,videos, music etc.) small physical size means a lot of mounting options. As a recreational pilot flying mostly for pleasure trips, vacations etc. this has worked very well. Very few problems with updates and the few questions I’ve had were promtply answered ( except during Osh Kosh, the entire office attends).

Side by side comparison with Foreflight seems almost identical in features, to me, and that’s not a scientific testing, just general observation.

I too would like to see a profile view for terrain clearance on the screen side by side on the screen with the chart or flight plan.  Based in SoCal means starting every trip east bound over or through mountains. Would be nice to see that visual.

my vote is FlyQ, so far so good.