Hangers at KFUL Fullerton Airport, California

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Hangers at KFUL Fullerton Airport, California

Posted by Russell Talbot on Dec 22, 2018 6:22 pm

Does anyone know if there are hangers or tie downs available at KFUL Fullerton, CA? I'm close to buying my first plane and need a home. Thanks!

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Posted by Ken Rubin on Dec 26, 2018 3:36 am

There's definitely tie downs available.  Check with General Aviation.  However, I've heard there's a waitlist for hangars.  Don't quote me on that though.

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Posted by Brennan Callan on Dec 26, 2018 3:08 pm

Hi all,
several of the Californian WWII airports had been turned over to various cities/counties after the war, or later wars and there were requirements these fields must continue into the future.  Unfortunately, some of the communities have had tremendous growth and they do not know the noise/safety issues of living adjacent to an airport.  Some fields have endured legal battles for force them being shut down anyway.  As this is underway, then it meant that it became too expensive for businesses and general aviation to pay for those legal battles.  The migration of planes from some fields have gone to others; thereby that is increasing the rates of hanger space and tie-down fees at the remaining airfields.  It has caused other businesses to go out of business.

Once these historic fields are lost to urban sprawl, the airfields will never return due to the outrageous land prices in California.  The same unfortunate way our nation has so many abandoned railroad beds that get reverted back to previous land owners; once those are gone, it harms our national security as railroads can be a vital supply line for most types of industries.

Our nation does not need more strip-malls.  In fact, across the country, countless mega-malls are vacant.  Major corporations such as Sears, Radio Shack, K-mart, and others are going out of business due to complacency.  The failure to adapt to newer online business models meant that many people lost their jobs and communities lost that tax income. 

Our online sales means un-secured packages are on our porches; but the excessive online delivery progress has a new problem of a national shortage of truck drivers to deliver our packages since we no longer support our local mom & pop stores and even those major corporations are failing.

Here in Louisville, KY, our last SEARS closes in five days!  It is so sad that a store that has existed since the 1880s is about to go away.  Yes, the CRAFTSMAN brand will continue (without the lifetime warranty replacement) at Lowe's Store, ACE Hardware, and other locations. 

Our nation has a pilot shortage, and the outrageous prices for training, headphones, and the high degree of fraudulent flight schools are contributing factors.

All Californians need to be aware of the value of their small and larger airports.  In times of natural disaster, airports have tremendous benefits that are obvious and not needing enumeration in this note.  Here in Louisville, even during the 1937, Bowman Field was where Louisville got resupplied with food, medicine, and other help.

It seems that almost each week in the news, we hear of California having drought, forest fires, earthquakes, land slides, or other problems.  In each case, your airports hold the potential to be of great assistance if properly used.  As your population density grows, automotive traffic grows; it is only logical that general aviation is part of the answer to address those problems.

Best wishes,
Aeronautical Scientist

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Posted by John Baley on Jan 9, 2019 7:10 am

The KFUL airport office is right next to the airport restaurant.  The people working there are very helpful and willing to explain the process of renting a hangar to you.  I assume there is a wait for a hangar, but probably not too long.  As older pilots age out, things open up.  I think you can put down a pretty minor deposit towards a future rental that would put you in line for when a hangar becomes available.  If you haven't yet found your new plane when your turn in line comes up, I think they will work with you and keep you in line.  This is what I did.  I might have been luckier than most, but I had a hangar within a month of getting on the list.  Because I got on the list early,  I ended up with a hangar and a new plane at the same time. 

Re: Hangers at KFUL Fullerton Airport, California

Posted by Russell Talbot on Jan 9, 2019 11:08 am

Thanks for the useful info John, now all I need is to find a C177 that fits my budget!

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Posted by Gary Palmer on Jan 14, 2019 10:21 am

While yes, we have lost several local GA airports in the LA basin and continue that fight we still have the fortunate circumstance of multiple local and close airports.  I say that to offer a thought.  I believe Torrance has hangers available right now (definitely tie downs).  They displayed a banner advertising that fact just last week when I was there.  If a hanger is what you truly desire consider another local airport on a month to month lease until you get space at Fullerton.  As for aircraft, just when I was ready to give up hope searching I found the perfect opportunity.  I know another guy who wanted a 210, he downloaded the FAA registry and wrote to every owner.  He did find one!

Re: Hangers at KFUL Fullerton Airport, California

Posted by Russell Talbot on Jan 14, 2019 1:57 pm

Hi Gary, Thanks for the info on Torrance... I've given up a few times trying to find an airplane in my budget that I would actually "want" to fly. I thought I have found the perfect 177RG but upon further investigation of the log books, it turns out the owner had blown the original engine and had installed a questionable engine from another airplane with no history. So I gave up on that one... Maybe some day...

Re: Hangers at KFUL Fullerton Airport, California

Posted by Brennan Callan on Jan 15, 2019 2:54 am

Unfortunately, Torrance, according to a friend of mine who has had a hanger at that field for a couple of decades updated me.  He said that due to other neighboring airports closing, Torrance has greatly increased (almost doubled) the price of their hangers.  My friend had to sell off two of his three planes and now he has to share a hanger with a friend of his that only had room for one more plane.  Torrance is over-confident that they can dramatically increase their prices and that everyone will endure it.

Keep looking for better prices before renting.

California needs to keep all of their airports and not let the growing cities stop forcing these airports to be closed.  Many of the original rules/deed restrictions/contracts between the U.S. govt. and the counties/cities that got the fields after base closures, are required to keep these fields permanently available for aviation.