Searching for a BasicMed physician in Houston?

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Searching for a BasicMed physician in Houston?

Posted by William McDonald on Jun 15, 2017 4:40 pm

Like so many pilots flying under the burden of a Special Issuance medical certificate, I was overjoyed when BasicMed was signed into law and finally went into effect. However, my joy quickly turned to frustration as I soon learned finding a doctor participating in BasicMed would not be easy. Dozens of calls to local doctors offices, urgent care clinics and all the AME's ( including my personal doctor and local AME's) were met with the same response. "Sorry but the doctor will not be doing BasicMed exams".

I was about to give up and once again subject myself to the ordeal of Special Issuance but then, quite by accident, I found a pilot forum online that mentioned the name of a Houston physician doing BasicMed exams.  It turned out to be true! Doctor Arellano is not only an MD, he is also an AME and a pilot.

I hope that mentioning his name is not a community rules violation and I want to stress that the only reason I have done so is for the benefit of fellow pilots facing the same frustration I experienced. 
Good luck and blue sky's to all!
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Re: Searching for a BasicMed physician in Houston?

Posted by Nat Jackson on Jun 17, 2017 11:12 am

I don't qualify for basicmed due to the fact that my one and only second class medical certificate was obtained in 09/2003 and was never renewed. I now have been diagnosed with type II diabetes. While my last three labs have my A1c at or below 7.5 I still have to obtain an initial Special Issuance from the FAA.

Without going into your personal medical history, would you be willing to share your journey through the Special Issuance maze and provide any guidance that might help me to expedite the process?


Re: Searching for a BasicMed physician in Houston?

Posted by Rolf Wallin on Sep 14, 2017 10:09 pm

I am a physician and a pilot in Fayetteville, NC (KFAY), and I am willing to do Basic Med exams.
I can be contacted via email at