how do you find a Doctor that will do a basic med?

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how do you find a Doctor that will do a basic med?

Posted by Robert Johnson on Jun 17, 2017 8:41 am

Lokking for a doctor in the Ann Arbor area that will do a basic med exam and paperwork.....any ideas
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Re: how do you find a Doctor that will do a basic med? In long beach ca?

Posted by Pascal Reid on Nov 26, 2017 1:53 pm

John Lyons:
Looking for a local dotor to do my basic med exam in long beach california?

I am getting mine done on Lakewood Blvd by the circle. The Drs that I found were Ron Philip and Dr Tara Reid. I explained to them how the Basic Med worked and they accepted doing the exam. I tried a couple of other Drs and they were not "comfortable" doing the exam. 
Best of Success!

Re: how do you find a Doctor that will do a basic med?

Posted by Jason Moore on Nov 27, 2017 6:52 am

I went to my family doctor for a regular appointment and asked the doc if they could do the exam. "No, we don't do aviation exams." I explained this was new and the doc said he'd take it to the board and let me know. No response months later. Another appointment and I asked again, different doc. "No, we don't do aviation exams." I explained again, and then explained that I'd be most displeased if as a customer they couldn't do this. That I'd probably keep all my business with the doc who would do my BasicMed. "We'll get back to you." Never heard back.

Then I was taking my kid to the doc, same office. I asked again. They started with the we don't do it thing and I said I already know that, but this isn't an aviation exam, it's more like a physical. The nurse said I'd need to asl the office manager. I was led to her and she said they didn't do aviation exams. I explained the new law, the new rules, and then showed her the exam form. When she saw the form, she perked up and said, "Oh, this is easy. Yeah, no problem. We can do that." I explained that everyone else had told me no so could she help me make the appointment at the desk so it would go through when I showed up. "Sure. No problem." 

I have an appointment at my regular doc in February to get my Basic Med exam done. I even got them to skip the labs (they ALWAYS want labs at this doc) since it wasn't required. 

Of course perseverance paid off, but my suggestion is to have the exam form in hand. Until the manager saw the exam form, it was doubtful. Also, the docs are used to saying no they don't do aviation exams. You have to get them to understand that this is a new type of exam, not the one they haven't been doing for decades. Lastly, it's not up to the docs, or the nurses, it appears to be an admin decision so you have to ask someone that you don't normally see. Not the front desk, not the docs. Some back office person decides these things. 

The practice is Garner Family Practice in Garner, NC. If you call them today, they probably will say no as they still aren't doing them as a normal practice. I'm the test case.