Airplanes you can fly under BasicMed

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Airplanes you can fly under BasicMed

Posted by Ronald Herold on Aug 7, 2017 8:36 am


As an airplane appraiser, I do a lot of buyer agency for pilots in general and now for those returning under the BASICMED medical.  Interestingly, a lot of the returning pilots used to fly much heavier and faster iron - like King Airs.  Obviously, a King Air is not an airplane you can fly under BasicMed.  

HOWEVER - there are some higher performance aircraft you can fly.  For example, you can fly an Aerostar 601.  Now - you can't take advantage of the higher altitudes (above 18,000 feet), but its still a great performer.  Other high performance aircraft include Eclips, Cirrus Jet, Piper Meridian and M500/M600, Aztecs, Barons and any Cessna 300 series aircraft.  All have speed and altitude limitations - but for the most part if you can afford the aircraft you can afford the fuel.

BASICMED does open up (but not fully) the prospect of GA to those who want some higher performance aircraft.


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