Map of Upcoming Safety Seminars

Safety Seminars

Safety Seminars

  • GA Industry Update with AOPA Great Lakes Ambassador Andy Miller

    Date:  01/19/2019 CST
    Location: Eden Prairie, MN 55347 United States
    We will hear an update on issues important to General Aviation including safety statistics, FAA regulatory and guidance changes and status reports on topics such as FAA reauthorization and ATC funding.  Andy will al...
  • Exiting the Hold: Reaching your Life Goals

    Date:  02/21/2019 PST
    Location: San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 United States
    Much like flying an actual hold, there comes a time in every pilot’s career where an honest assessment of performance, desires, and goals needs to happen. Are you one of the many pilots that are stuck in the hold, unable t...

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