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  • Vision 2020 - Beyond NextGEN a.k.a. SATS II

    Date:  05/28/2018 EDT
    Location: Tampa, FL 33606 United States
    Anyone who or knows who participated in NASA's SATS demo at Danville VA airport is asked to contact Vision 2020 at 813-784-4669 C/T.
    Our plan is to conduct a SATS II demo APRIL 2020 in Florida. FMI 813-784-4669C/T  
  • Multiengine Airplane and Instrument Pilot Ground Schools Startin...

    Date:  05/14/2019 EDT
    Location: Orono, ME 04473 United States
    You can now complete  your multiengine pilot and/or instrument pilot ground school from your own home!  WINGsReality EDU delivers the best online aviation training available anywhere.
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    Attend on campus or onlin...
  • Heart of Virginia Aviation Career Fair

    Date:  06/29/2019 EDT
    Location: Ashland, VA 23223 United States
    HOVA Flight Services will be hosting the 2019 Heart of Virginia Aviation Career Fair on June 29th from 9am-3pm at Hanover County Airport (OFP) about 15 minutes north of Richmond, VA. Event Objective: Highlight t...
  • US Aircraft Expo *Formally California Aircraft Expo

    Date:  07/12/2019 EDT
    Location: Carlsbad, CA 92011 United States
    The world ’s  leading aircraft manufacturers and dealers are working together to sponsor the US Aircraft Expo where the latest models of general aviation aircraft will be on display at one venue where prospective buy...
  • Dinner With a Slice of History-Looking for Amelia Earhart with Ric G...

    Date:  10/04/2019 EDT
    Location: Cleveland, OH 44114 United States

    Oct.4, 2019 - Dinner with a Slice of History
    Join us on October 4 at 6:30 p.m. for a presentation with Ric Gillespie, Executive Director of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR). In 1985, Gill...

  • Dinner With a Slice of History - Stephanie Hanson Caisse, Author of '...

    Date:  11/08/2019 EST
    Location: Cleveland , OH 44114 United States

    In 1996, Stephanie Hanson Caisse discovered her birth father had been killed in action, while serving in the Marines in the Vietnam War, two months before she was born. He never knew he was about to have a child. He was a me...

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