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In this video we'll discuss Groups in the AOPA Hangar online community. Learn how to join and participate in groups, create group discussions, and more.

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    • A group consisiting of attorneys and/or pilots, and/or anyone interested in aviation law. Designed to facilate the learning, knowledge and understanding of aviation law. A group designed to promote and enhance aviation safety for the aviation community and the general public and also to assist in the just development of aviation law.
    • I am slowly researching and writing an AVIATION POETRY BOOK that will include non-religious templates/ideas for funerals and memorials.  I would love to hear if your friends/family did anything special for "aviation memorials" when the various members passed away.  I want to include content for all aspects of aviation/aerospace/astronautics and...
    • A place for those who fly Beechcraft to share and connect through their flying experiences! 
    • All things canard. I know EAA has something similar, but I know some of you may be interested in getting something started here. I'm really interested in long distance canards that can cruise 200kts TAS and over 1800SM distances and FL20 or more, but everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

    • Certificated Flight Instructors
    • A place for those who fly Cessna aircraft to share and connect!
    • A place for those who fly Cirrus aircraft to share and connect!
    • This group is for Networking of current, past and future plots of all models.
    • This group is for anyone who likes Aircraft models, possess a model of their aircraft, makes airplane models, collects models or all anything model related.  If you own both any Aircraft and have a replica of your aircraft , please share it here.  If you are looking to get a model made of your Aircraft or want to make one, this group can also guide you in the rig...
    • North Texas Pilots of AOPA - discuss flying clubs, women in aviation, careers, instruction, etc.
    • This group will discuss normal and abnormal patterns in digital engine monitor data from Garmin, JPI, Dynon, EI, Insight, Avidyne, GRT, and others. Do you know how to spot a clogged injector? Or a weak spark plug? When something looks wrong, do you automatically divert to the nearest airport, or can you use other information to validate or dismiss what yo...
    • The FAA Flying Club, Washington, DC, was organized in 1962 “...as a nonprofit corporation in order to stimulate and encourage interest in aviation, to advance the knowledge of its members in aviation and aviation related subjects, to sustain and improve the proficiency of its members in flying, to provide the opportunity for its members to fly aircraf...
    • Pilots, owners, and aficionados of the Grumman-American line of light aircraft, including the AA-1 series, AA/AG-5 series, and GA-7.
    • A place for those who fly gyroplanes or gyrocopters to share their experiences.  
    • A place for those who fly helicopters to share their experiences.  
    • This group will be for high schools involved with the AOPA High School Aviation Initiative.
    • Saludos desde Guatemala
    • Every flying club wants to buy a first airplane, or add an airplane to the club. How did your club manage that task? 
    • Discussions and information for Aviat Husky Owners, Pilots and anyone interested in flying or owning the Aviat Husky
    • Group for Indiana aviators to connect and share their interests. 
    • Kentuckiana (Kentucky and So. Indiana) Remote Pilots is inclusive of Student Pilots pursuing the REMOTE PILOT CERTIFICATE and those REMOTE PILOTS who already accomplished the rating.  This group seeks to bridge the gap between the desire to learn the skills for this rating as efficiently/affordably as possible.  As aviation is rather expensive, we...
    • Area dedicated to questions, comments and news of events related to aviation in Louisiana.
    • Want to go places in a hurry? This might be for you. Possible airplanes are Comanche 260, Bonanza, Mooney M 20J, and Bellanca Viking. The club will be an LLC. Approximate membership acquisition cost $15000. Looking for 4 -5 members to share one airplane depending on the amount of projected flying. Club finances will be set up so an exit from the club, if des...
    • If you own a Maule you know what great airplanes they are.  Join this group to share your thoughts and adventures with your Maule.

    • A group for students, faculty, and alumni of Middle Tennessee State University's Aerospace Program. All are welcome!

      ***NOTE: This is not an official group of Middle Tennessee State Univserity, simply a gathering place for those that attend it***
    • A place for those who fly Mooney aircraft to share and connect!
    • Group dedicated to Mustang Aeronautics aircraft, the David Long designed M1 Midget Mustang and the Robert Bushby designed MII Mustang. 
    • Official Group for the Nate Abel Flying Club. Nate Abel Flying Club is a 501(c)(3) education-based flying club created in memory of Nate Abel (1974-2013) that is located at Hicks Airfield T67 Texas. We have a PayPal for convenient tax deductible donations https://www.paypal.me/NateAbelFlyingClub
    • If you fly in the Atlanta area or anywhere in the state of Georgia, welcome aboard!
    • A place for those who fly Piper aircraft to share and connect!
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