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All things canard. I know EAA has something similar, but I know some of you may be interested in getting something started here. I'm really interested in long distance canards that can cruise 200kts TAS and over 1800SM distances and FL20 or more, but everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

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if you found this you must have some interest in fast, efficient and fun aircraft. The Rutans helped popularize the canard designs from the 1970's. Today there are a few interesting new designs that are moving toward completion. Peter Muller's Raptor is a nice refinement of the original Long EZ and Velocity airframe and the Synergy Boxwing design. While these are advanced prototypes not yet in full production, they lead us to some interesting ideas. Others are working on VTOL or STOL concepts that have canard configurations. I find this an interesting area in aviation design and development. Airbus and others are working on electrifying flight and that's interesting when you pair the new, slick and efficient airframes with new propulsion tech.

Join in the conversation and start something new you are interested in!
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