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    KAEG Double Eagel in ABQ.NM
    Great food and GA fellowship/help
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    Get ready for the most fun of a lifetime.  I have been flying for 37 years owned two planes and I still get a thrill every time I leave the ground. Good Luck with your quest.  The right instructor is key.  If you don't feel comfortable, change instructors.  
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    Hi Hardwick,
    I know about the 24 month thing. I'm hoping to be ready for the check ride and testing by this summer. I will be well within the 2 years, but thanks for reminding me. :)

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    With respect to drones, I would encourage everyone to read 14 CFR 91.107, particularly Subpart C, and pass the word around.

    Little Billy's parents could get a big old fine from the FAA for flying his Walmart drone in the church parking lot.  Apparently at least a Walmart is not aware that a drone (UAS) operator must be certified by the FAA.  I doubt there are m...
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    Do not like being the bearer of bad news, but your written exam results are only good for 24 months.
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    Hi fellow members!
    I'm Mark Confer, owner of Confer's Place (1IN3) airstrip in Fort Wayne, In. After I moved here in 2000, we installed runway lighting with a RS-7 Radio controlled switch, to turn our lights on from the air.This unit has died and I was looking for someone that might be able to repair as I have been unable to find an economical replacement. I ha...