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    Getting ready to finally mae a run at finishing my instrument rating after a layoff.  Been Reading FAR 61.65 and need a few clarifications.

    1.  61.65(d)(2) requires 40 hours under the hood or actual (of which 15 hrs must be with a CFII).  Does this mean I can log hood time with a qualified safety pilot who is not a CFII to get some of those 40 hours?

    2.  Do the requ...
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    Is any organization, AOPA?, working on getting it legal to fly to Canada and/or Mexico on Basic Med?
    If so, any progress?
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    Hi Jorge, et al.,
    the REMOTE PILOT information can be found on: www.faa.gov/uas and you really need to treat it as a self-study process.  The FAA (free) manuals are on their webpages.  Each time you read about one of their manuals, you should write that down and search out the next one.  It would be logical if the FAA had a singular manual that is timely, fresh...
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    Hey Ronald, Im not a VET so thats out. Went to ask my school and there advise was to check lending tree... :/

    Brennan, great insight, thank you so much. Just applied for the AOPA scholarship but i know thats hard to get.. like you said alot of the others require you to be members and become a member at a certain time frame before applying.. Alot of them are also if y...
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    John Choberka:
    Ronald, great info.  Thank you.  What is SI?  I tried to find in the links.  
     "SI" is a Special Issuance medical.  It's a process where the FAA may approve a medical certificate despite certain medical conditions which would otherwise be disqualifying.  See https://www.aopa.org/go-fly/medical-resources/special-issuance-cert...