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    Probably need a few more details about what's going on.  Generally, my take on most CFIs in these situations is that they are trying not to push the student too hard or be confrontational, but the opposite can be true as well, where they are unrealistically demanding and the student is more afraid of screwing up than of learning. The point is that its not a mat...
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    What's the buy in? Any records or estimates on yearly operating costs? Where in the metroplex will it be based? Where has it been based?
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    Thanks for the list, Lonzo. Coincidentally, I had breakfast with a friend in his new (to him) Skyhawk at KCBE just this Saturday. They had a gymkhana underway so part of the taxiway was coned off, but it all worked fine. I knew of most of the places you mentioned, but not Millville or S37. We'll have to check those out.

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    Bar B Que is our mission! We flew out of McKinney Airport and headed for Gainesville Airport in Gainesville, Texas. We grabbed an airport courtesy car and went into town. What Fun! 


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    26N Ocean City
    CBE Cambridge 
    S37 Smoketown, short walk to restaurant off field.
    KMIV Millville NJ

    havent been there in a couple years, but KGED, Georgetown has a restaurant on the field too.
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    there re are none on the field, but both FlyAdvanced and Atlantic typically have crew cars that you could borrow and hit some restaurants or shopping in the area.  Christiana Mall is close and has lots of good options.  

    This is sub shop is hidden but is a real jem.


    KMIV, KMQS, LNS, and 26N all have restaurants on the field. S37...