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    Obviously, a multitude of personal situations here and that is to be expected.
    I have been involved in flying since I was a 13 year old delivering newspapers and going to the airport on Sunday morning for my half hour of dual @ $5.00 until I was old enough to solo a Cessna 140 on my 16th birthday. Then social life, cars, girls and later a very active business lif...
  • 4 Replies
    Ronald Levy:
    I've trained people in the Cirrus, trained people for their IR, and trained people in a Cirrus for their IR.  My experience tells me that you folks are correct that your IR training will go much better if you become familiar with and comfortable in the Cirrus before starting the IR training.  I've trained folks for the IR in a new-to-them type, a...
  • 8 Replies
    Great job articulating the mission. Can you clarify one thing in your requirements? You said that you wanted to fly in "mostly low altitude" missions, but mentioned the SW US. I fly all across the US in singles and anything west of the rockies will require you to climb to at least 10k from time to time, often much more, especially if IFR. I've been up to at least...
  • 8 Replies
    Ronald Levy:
    A high-performance retractable like a 36 Bonanza is an awfully big step up for a 125-hour non-IR Private Pilot.  Not sure what you're flying now, but since you've started your IR training already, I'd suggest that your #1 priority right now be finishing the IR in what you're flying now -- horses and streams, and all that.
    While there's merit in...
  • 6 Replies
    I'm pretty much in the same situation, I fly for fun and got my license to broaden my horizons, teach myself a new skill to keep my brain sharp, and because I love aviation.   I've been to just about every airport within 60-70 miles of my home field where I rent.  Unfortunately, there are not a whole bunch of field based diners in Louisiana (one I know of in Shrev...
  • 8 Replies
    I have Cherokee 6 260 fixed gear. Best of all worlds for me. Admittedly not a speed demon but improved with some add-ons. Fixed gear (Knots2U wheel fairings) keeps insurance / maintenance / risks low. I have club seat configuration and this works well for 4 adults in back (6 total).  My airframe is even certificated for 7 passengers (with a snap in factory ju...