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    I am a CFI in FL.  There are so many variables. Lots of students are not able to succeed at much younger than 65.  I had one student that could not succeed at about age 60, and I think it was because he had had a long career of driving cars.  I know that sounds peculiar, but I have also had students have big problems due to too much time flying MicroSoft-type PC produ...
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    The only thing I have done is assist my father in his genealogy book on our family history. He has been researching it since the ‘60s and has everything in book form ready for publication. Since his Parkinson’s is in the later stages I will probably publish his book soon. I have started reasearching my own family history to include my wife’s family which is in...
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    Randy, Zander, Aria, and Pravesh are experienced world travelers flying commercially, but three of the four had never before been in a light aircraft.  Randy has some time at the controls back in his youth, but never got his ticket.
    Randy’s family homesteaded in the Wet Mountain Valley, so Zander, Aria, and Pravesh’s introduction to general aviation wa...
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    thanks Bryan!
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    thanks for sharing your story and especially those fascinating photos.  You have a proud heritage!  Have you created any type of family historical collection for the approximate 100-years of aviation activities your family has done?

    I am slowly researching and writing an AVIATION POETRY BOOK that will include non-religious templates/ideas...
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    one quick thought, sometimes you can get a gouge from an instructor for a particular examiner that can be helpful on what to expect. e.g. "this guys is really focused on air worthiness" or "he's really interested in finding stuff in the FAR/AIM", "systems" , etc...

    it's not like a cheat and lots of examiners change stuff, but can be a little help focusing you...