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    Hi Joshua, welcome to The Hangar! Hope you are having fun with your flight training. What aircraft are you training in? I earned my license in 2015 in a Piper Cherokee. 
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    The Air Safety Institute just release an Ask ATC video on ADS-B.
    Here is the link- https://youtu.be/c5OcptweqJE
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    With calm wind conditions, it’s best to give at least a three minute wait for takeoff behind a “Large” (over 12,500) aircraft, especially a helicopter, which is essentially what a V-22 is when hovering and taking off (until the proprotors are translated to the horizontal mode).  See AIM section 7-3 for a lot more on this subject, especially 7-3-7 regardi...
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    I'm a student pilot @ Sweet Aviation in Fort Wayne IN
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    I was departing  25 at Hatteras KHSE on a calm day in my Cherokee 235. An Osprey had landed on the start of the runway 25, then hovered for 3 minutes and departed at low level flight the entire  length of the runway turning left traffic out to the ocean. I back taxied 25 to depart to the west. Did mag checks before back taxi.  Turned around headed down 25 to fly home...
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    Hello Mark,

    Since you plan to use CGS, I recommend following the steps on their website.  http://collegeparkairport.aero/md3.html
    The National Air Tranpsortation Association Compliance Services handles the fingerprinting portion of the vetting process.  http://info.natacs.aero/maryland-three-program 
    Applicants must get fingerpri...