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    There is no regulation requiring the instructor to enter anything but his/her signature block (signature, CFI number, and expiration date).  However, most instructors find it easier to write in the training accomplished rather than to dictate it to the student, so we prefer to do that writing ourselves.  And yes, switching to a good e-log system can el...
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    It's hard to say which school is better for you, but the difference in hours to license may be easier to understand.

    It sounds like the Part 141 school has a strong ground school with a lot of classroom hours as well as a highly structured flight curriculum.  This can make for a reduced number of flight hours, especially if the trainees are full-time students...
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    Unfortunately, Torrance, according to a friend of mine who has had a hanger at that field for a couple of decades updated me.  He said that due to other neighboring airports closing, Torrance has greatly increased (almost doubled) the price of their hangers.  My friend had to sell off two of his three planes and now he has to share a hanger with a friend of his...
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    Are you planning on flying south of the border this year?  If so, maybe we could coordinate our efforts.
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    I have been to many flight schools and I am confused which one to join? There is a part 141 flight school near me which has good student rating, they claim that their students get their PPL in 40 hours max (with some exception) as they have excellent ground school and they have rigorous curriculum. The part 61 school says that it usually takes 60 hours to...
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    I have enrolled to flight school in December 2018 and applied for third class medical certificate. I have type 2 diabetes and AME said that initial approval has to come from FAA due to my medical condition. He sent all my documents to FAA couple of weeks ago. He said that FAA may take weeks to respond to my request and due to government shut down it may tak...