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    Do you have recommendations for bylaws, etc for forming a new Flying Club?  Three of us are interested in a cash purchase of an antique tail wheel aircraft (no electrics) within the next 45 days.  Two of us are CFI's with lots of tailwheel time, the other is a Pvt Pilot.  Plane and hangar have been selecfted, and purchase is pending.  We are looking for sugges...
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    If you send me a contact email I can connect you with Ry Keller.  He will put you on the email list to receive info re: aviation related events (e.g. EAA chapter meetings, local aviation gatherings, etc.).  Upcoming is our Christmas dinner and party (combining the EAA, local Flathead Montana pilots and the seaplane association) at the Desoto Grill in Kali...
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    Hi, my name is Samantha and I'm really excited to be a member of AOPA! Does anybody know of any aviation clubs in the Flathead Valley?
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    While I support AOPA (and other organizations') efforts opposing privatization, most of the details I see shared by partner organizations speak only to the pilot community, which we have to admit is relatively small compared to population affected, and insufficient to sway the tide of the general public's opinion on this particular issue.

    I'd like to...
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    I hated night flying during my PPL training. I swore I'd never fly at night again. Six months later, my CFII forced me to fly the final leg of a long IR XC at night and I realized that it didn't bother me anymore. Of course, "being under the hood" removed the fear of not seeing outside! But a few months later I found myself flying another long leg at night in VFR over...
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    The real issue is that the "big biz jet" FBO's have a business model that doesn't include avgas driven piston airplanes. Put differently, they don't want the avgas business. These outfits are structured to uplift thousands of gallons of Jet A into big jets, not 50 gallons into a piston single. The capaacity is finite so the FBO's ration it according...