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    I'm planning to follow the Missouri from its confluence near St. Louis to its headwaters at Three Forks MT. I would be hard pressed to give you a reason. I just want to do it. My aircraft is an RV-6. I'd like to hear from anyone who has done it, or anyone who is familar with the river (or portions of it). I welcome any advice or recommendations that I could not ordin...
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    Survey for all pilots employed by United States:


    I am conducting a research project regarding the influence of FAA regulations on development of kidney stones in American airline pilots. In recent years, airlines and pilots have speculated that current regulations restricting pilot movement in th...
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    I fly out of KAXV its pretty cool 
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    Greetings, aviators! The team at AOPA is always working to provide the best content for our members. We're coming up on a busy show season and lining up our seminar/workshop schedules. 

    We want your feedback! 
    -Do seminars/workshops impact your decision to attend a fly-in/airshow?
    -What are the topics you'd like to see covered most?
    -Are there any indi...
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    Hi David, thank you for being a member and for joining us on the Hangar. Hope you enjoy Flight Training Magazine! That magazine kept me inspired as a kid to learn to fly. I'm now a commercial pilot-SEL. The Piper Sport looks like fun! Would definitely give it a try. 

    Happy flying,
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    Hi Patricia, welcome to the Hangar. That's great you are learning to fly! What airport do you fly out of? We are here to help along the way.