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    A while back I decided to analyze runway design for obstacle clearances (angle to 50' vs distance vs climb rate vs speed, etc.) using my trusty spread sheet.
    In so doing I decided to incorporate data from various POHs.
    In so doing I found that in all cases Vy yielded a steeper flight path angle than Vx.

    Apparently Vx is NOT the "airspeed for best climb angle" it...
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    Yes, programs are a draw for the fly-ins.  Wings talks, new avionics vendors, safety seminars are always an added interest to an event. 
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    David Taylor:
    Now we have the insurance companies saying older pilots not getting 3rd class medicals are a big risk -
    That's not what they're saying.  What they are actually saying is that they believe is a greater risk for older pilots getting an aviation medical exam every two years compare to those getting one every year.
    but I have seen no data suggestin...
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    There isn't any difference -- both involve the air above being warmer than the air below, which is the inverse of the normal case of air temperature decreasing steadily as you go up.
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    Hi, I was just wondering; in my flight training book, it talked about two different types of weather inversions. I understood the normal inversion, where a warm airmass is on top of a cold airmass, which frequently causes freezing rain, but then it was talking about temperature inversions. What is the difference? Thank you!
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     I  owned a PA 32  260 engine for 15 years it was built in 1966  Cruise speed 132 mph at 17 gallons an hour. I love the airplane easy to fly easy to Land I love the airplane easy to fly easy land.  I’ve done a new paint job for about 10 grand I did a rebuilt engine for about 10 grand.  No major squawks.  For an annual I paid anywhere from 1500 to 6000 ripped off on the 6000...