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    I'm getting better. I have found that landing on 100ft wide 6k ft strip  in the middle of the valley is WAY easier than the 75ft wide 3k strip in the foothills where I had been training.  I also changing from a Cessna to Piper and made a big difference. My roundout's are no longer too high and I don't have look through the wing to see teh airport anymore. Being able...
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    Basically, yes.  Couple of terminological points...

    ​You don't have a "Basic Med Certificate" to which two years is added.  You have a Basic Med Checklist dated the day your doc signs it, and you have your Basic Med Education Course completion date.  To fly under Basic Med, the Checklist must be dated within the preceding 48 months, and the BMEC course mus...
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    This is a variation on a theme, but it was the first version I heard, and still fly by it.  "The three most useless things in aviation- the air in the fuel tank, the runway behind you, and the altitude above you".
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    Recent article in May AOPA mag by Chad Mayer on page 106.  If I am reading this right then at the end of my first two years of Basic Med I can take the online course again and if successful add another 2 years to my Basic Med Certificate????
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    I am Co-Founder of Flashpass App for eApis.  Would like to help you with your border crossing manifest on both USA and MEXICO.
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    Welcome to the hanger. I agree with your peers, we do need older, more experienced pilots who want to teach. There are things that you have learned that can't be taught in the book. BTW, I am also an older pilot at 62. I enjoy flying and learning from other pilots.