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    My buddy Jim invited me to brunch at Centennial Airport (KAPA).  We took to the sky in his Cessna 210 on brilliant blue morning.  With Flight Following watching out for us, we skirted the eastern flank of Pikes Peak and overflew the west side of Colorado Springs.  We continued out over the snow covered eastern plains.  We ducked under DIA's Bravo airspace a...
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    There is no publicly information available on what the proposal may include.
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    I used to take my t210 to O&N in factoryville PA. Since they closed I am in need of a good 210 shop in the northeast.
    any recommendations?
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    Let me share some REALLY sound advice with you first time aircraft buyers... do not depend on getting your "expertise" from the broker or seller... hire someone to help you. I buy airplanes for clients for a living and I could provide you story after story after story about first time buyers who literally paid thousands and thousands above retail to get a "...
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    I'm wondering if the changes in the Light Sport category  to include such planes as the Cessna 150 that I am hearing are being considered by the FAA.  Does any one have any idea about this and whether it will come to pass and when it will take effect?    I own and fly a 150 and am hoping I will be able to fly under the rules of Light Sport as I have had a problem keeping m...
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    Mr. Levy makes great points.  I've taught in and trained in both environments and they are pretty much apples and oranges.  If you can devote significant a significant amount of time over a short period - Part 141 would make good sense.  But don't be afraid of Part 61 schools - most are providing great fright training.

    One way to help you decide might be to tal...