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    ​For the oral, make sure you fully understand the concepts of accelerate-go and accelerate-stop distances, and can calculate them for your actual takeoff conditions.  If your POH doesn't have such tables/charts, you're going to have to kludge them together from the regular takeoff and landing charts and the OEI climb charts.  Make sure you use that in...
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    Good luck in your check ride! Just do your proceedures like you have done over and over to identify and secure the faulty engine.  Then trim everything up and realize you have a very underpowered airplane. Fly using all of your instrument proceedures, again, just like you have done over and over.  When you get on the ILS, set what power you use for single engi...
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    Hi all, I am getting close to scheduling my multi-engine checkride. Any helpful tips/advice for me? This has been some fun training. The single-engine ILS while under the hood is a challenge, but really not all that difficult once you really get to know the aircraft and procedures. I'm learning in an old Piper Aztec (with no GPS). 

    Happy flying! 
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    IBM and Gamefly are looking for pilots for upcomming advertisements. Specifically, they are looking for people whose careers as pilots have been positively influenced by video games, and those selected will be compensated for their time. Read AOPA's story to learn more. 
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    Thank you this is the exact type of Feedback I was looking for.   I too would prefer the SR22 but this is a motivated seller; I feel my chances of getting a real deal is good.  I have started looking for a CFI that has a speciality in this aircraft and as of yet I have not located one... Big Problem.  The engine is a rebuild after its 2000hr TBO so I am comfortabl...
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    I've trained people for their instrument rating in the Lancair ES and Lancair/Columbia/Cessna 300/350/400 series aircraft.  The 300 is the original production version, and does not incorporate the glass panel cockpit found in later versions, which may be fine with someone coming out of a 200 Arrow, but not so much for someone looking for a more 21st cen...