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    I have no family members that are pilots, but i am currently a student and striving to be the first person to do that in my family. Once some of my cousins found out i did my solo they were so proud and are now thinking about taking classes. I personally have always loved planes but always remember hearing how pricey it was. So when when i decided to look around to s...
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    I always tip based on the service.  If I get marshalled in and they walk away or if they offer no assistance, I do not tip.  For the usual, chalk the aircraft, take my fuel order let me know I am welcome, I'll tip a few dollars.  Helping to tie down, carry baggage, bringing out the rental car etc. I'll tip 5.  If I have a ton of stuff to get from the aircraft into my rid...
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    As you are UAV shopping, check out the offerings from Autel Robotics. First rate customer service, and a lot of drone for the money. I love my XSP, but those are discontinued in favor of the Evo (which is not yet available, I don't think.)
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    What Brennan says about Sport certificates is true - in theory! In reality, at least for those of us who have reached "a certain age", it takes nearly as much time to earn a Sport certificate as to earn a Private certificate. Sport pilots have to fly to the same proficiency as private pilots, so while the FAA may have lower time requirements, it takes what it ta...
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    Hi Tony...thanks for the reply. What you say regarding the controller wanting direct so that they can more accurately predict my route makes sense to me.  I’m confident with more experience in the air that my comfort level will increase as well. 

    Having learned to fly in the immediate proximity to LAX, and under its Class B shelf I just have a conservative w...
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    I have been going to this event for several years, they have some really nice RC planes, helicopters and jets, sorry I will miss it this year due to moving out of state. But, what a great show!