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    No, there aren't many.  Mainly, it seems to me that few flight schools offer classroom ground school courses any more, probably because too many folks these days prefer the self-paced/whenever-you-want process of on-line courses and DVD's/computer-based programs like those offered by Sporty's, Jeppesen, Gleim, and the King Schools.  Second, whe...
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    I asked AOPA and they suggested I go to a doctor who did DOT exams.  After a few unsuccesful phone calls I went into a DOT exam doctors office with the printed explanation from AOPA explaining what the doctors obligation was in this exam.  The doctor said he'd look it over and his office called me within the hour to say no problem.  I have finished my exam and am h...
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      Are there many flight school instructors that are not CFI certificated and are only ground school instructors? I know there is a path to becoming a ground instructor and have already completed the Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) requirement. I'm curious if flight schools look on this as something that frees their CFIs from scut work allowing them to...
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    I did train at Comair in Sanford, Florida back in 1990 or 1991. Or maybe I started in 1990 and finished in 1991. It's a long time ago. I can't remember exactly. It was a great educational experience in any case and I made some lifelong friends there. We may not see each other often, what with all of us flying off to this destination or that one on a regular ba...
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    Hello David.

    AOPA has many branches around the world, so the best suggestion would be to reach out to AOPA Japan.  You can reach them at any of the information below.

    320, 1-1-1 Todoroki Setagaya-ku
    Tokyo 158-0082 Japan

    Issei Imahashi, President
    Noriko Hatanaka, Secretary


    We also have a few inquiries o...
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    I haven't tried the BasicMed route yet (as my third class is still valid), but this article has an interesting take on the situation: