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    Today I had the privilege to taking Emily on her first flight ever.  Emily is about to turn 13 and her grand parents wanted to treat her to something special.  It was also her grand mothers first flight in a light aircraft.  The wind gods were kind and the T-41B was a gracious chariot on a tour of the Royal Gorge and surroundings.  Everyone had a good time.

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    FYI....after my inquiry about flying my C172 to work (I work at JFK for American Airlines) and the costs I have previously incurred, I received this reply....From: Robert McAdams
    Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 3:29 PM
    To: brewer_rex@hotmail.com
    Cc: Antonella Lombardi
    Subject: C172 ParkingGood afternoon.I understand that you are looking for disco...
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    Has anyone recently flown into MMSL, which is the airport right outside of the town of Cabo San Lucas...not to be confused with MMSD, San Jose Del Cabo, which is where the airlines & "tourists" fly into(?)   LOL    Just interested in OPE (other peoples' experience) to head off snags, gotchas, & loopholes that may be otherwise avoided!  Any tips or insider in...
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    Twenty-seven years after my last flight as PIC, when work and overseas relocations interfered, a return to flying was one of my highest priorities following retirement. I began my homecoming by attending the 2015 AOPA Minneapolis Fly-In Rusty Pilots session. That swept some cobwebs and framed what I needed to relearn. Next step was to join a local flyin...
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    Richard Willerton:
    I applied for an aviation medical on my 70th birthday, am now 72, and am still waiting.  While being jacked around by the FAA I have added a glider rating to my airplane certificate and have flown 200 hours in a motor glider, including a cross-country from Florida to Washington state.  Had the FAA issued a second class medical it would hav...
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    Dale Sanders is right on the money. Never get into a heated or spirited discussion with a field inspector. More often than is comfortable, these are folks that went through a training class to get their job and aren't seasoned construction professionals that have seen a lot of different materials in use. That puts them at a disadvantage and they often "gue...