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    The AOPA Foundation works to ensure the sky remains within reach of everyone who dreams of flying. And a safer, more active pilot community gives us a stronger voice in Washington, which helps protect our freedom to fly. To help us continue this momentum, please consider making a donation and encourage others to support our efforts.
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    Noooow i understand. Thank you so much Ronald. I might just do the exam next year Oct just to have that extra year for 2024. ;) 
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    Hello all, I am owning 1977 YAK-18T. This is 4 seats USSR trainer aircraft with aerobatic capabilities. Powerfull radial engine 360HP with supercharger allows it to fast climb up to 4000m (limited due to unpressurised cabin) and fly for 1200km (plus safety margin). The must benefit of this aircraft is weight capability, take-off and landing pefrorman...
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    There is certainly a shortage of people qualified and willing to fly Part 121 at the regional level.  This is most evidenced by the large recent growth in compensation at the regionals as well as some cases of regionals cancelling operations for lack of crew.  OTOH, I don't think the majors are having much trouble filling their seats by poaching from the re...
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    Is there really a shortage or is it just an airline problem?
    I'm a part time Part 91 single pilot Citation guy that has been searching for another pilot gig to occupy my free time - which is 3 weeks out of every month and even more in the winter months. 
    I'm willing to fly anything and my current employer is willing to be flexible on his schedule to "share" me with a...
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    Totally agree with Ronald Levy.  Grab a CFI and go.  The biggest mental obstacle for me was remembering that it was okay to be a student again.  I found a great CFI who worked more as a coach than an instructor.  It was a huge help and now I'm flying all the time. Find a CFI, tell him/her what you're going through, and fly together until you feel ready.