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    Check out Josh @ Aviation 101 on YouTube. He has a 5-part video series flying a 172 from FL to CA along the southern route.  https://youtu.be/o_oLel49s-o
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    I wouldn't recommend using an LSA for instrument refresher.  Most are not equipped with "standard" avionics or displays.  I'm not sure with which FBO at ESN you have been working, but last I knew, Trident has aircraft at Easton and Bay Bridge including G1000 C172's.
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    Like the pilots in the "Rusty Pilots" thread, I experienced a medical problem that grounded me for a few years. Fortunately it seems OK now and since I never tried to renew my medical during my illness, I'm now good under BasicMed. 
    Well, I went back to the FBO I'd been flying with before the medical issues and their website looked a lot different but they were...
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    It depends on the weather, IMHO. I delivered several PA-28s from Vero Beach (before Lakeland) to the PNW and took either the southern route through El Paso or a more  northerly route across the corn belt and over Mullan Pass. When I took the southern route I turned north at Needles or Blythe.

    Bob Gardner
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    About two years ago I flew my C172 from the Bay Area to Texas via the IH-10 route. I was able to fly the entire route at 11,000. Almost always had a runway within glide distance.
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    In south and central Texas we often fly through MOAs, but usually only the inactive ones. I use this tool to learn if an MOA will be active. 
    FAA Special Use Airspace Advisory web page

    I've also learned that some MOAs are used far less frequently than others and that you can fly though them with little concern. The military aircraft have great radar and see me v...