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AOPA Hangar - Profile & Account Settings

In this video, we’ll learn how to setup your profile and adjust your account settings to help you get the most from the AOPA Hangar experience.


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Mountain Flying??? FUN!!! I grew up in Antigo, WI, come to Oshkosh several times a year, including Air Venture.  Now living the DREAM in Colorado... AND I teach Mountain Flying!  We have Cessna 172(s) at Longmont (KLMO), just northwest of Denver.  You may bring your airplane, or use ours.  I HIGHLY recommend Colorado Pilots Association's Mountain Flying Ground School... a FULL day on a Saturday, then we fly the out-of-staters the next day.  Ahem!  This is mountain flying 101.  The usual response is "that was fun... I want MORE".  No problem, I am retired out of HP after 43 years of computers and I fly and teach for FUN... I have another 4 days of scripted mountain flying in the Colorado Rockys for you to pick and choose from, or custom your own route(s)/day(s).  I am not going to the airlines... my goal is for YOU to have FUN, SAFELY!. see Photos on that page or email with questions or comments.  Available year around.
  • Posted Mon 08 Oct 2018 07:58 PM EDT
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Jared is a first rate instructor who will provide a very thorough and comprehensive check out. He knows his way around those mountains. Has a check out with him years ago.  -Ron O'Dea
  • Posted Mon 19 Aug 2019 11:54 AM EDT
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